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КОММЕРЧЕСКИЙ УслугиНовостиExclusive Edition for Creation 55 & 70

Exclusive Edition for Creation 55 & 70

Gerflor Vn News Exclusive Edition

An Exclusive Edition with 25 new references to widen our Creation 55 & 70 collections and give a larger perspective to your creativity.

Our Exclusive Edition offers :

  • 8 designs exclusive to Gerflor with metal, wood and herringbone effects : oxyd, rust, toasted wood, regimental, chevron...
  • the ability to mix and match some decors : regimental and solid glam, for a customisation of your space
  • 25 new references
  • a new XL plank format

Browse our Creation 55 and Creation 70 pages, to discover those new references and watch the video.